Mechanized Harvesting Solution

Utilizing its extensive knowledge of sowing’ planting, and harvesting a wide variety of crops, Yung-Etgar develops and markets harvester heads which fit onto existing combines.
The harvester solutions are suitable for tomatoes, peas, corn, beans, paprika, parsley, herbs, broccoli, cauliflower, sweet potatoes and onions. Each harvester head is customized to meet the specific need of the vegetables or herbs.

The corn harvesting head, whichs_03
conveniently folds up for road
transport, is designed for easy
operation and maintenance.



The unique broccoli dump forklift is an
integral part of the vehicle, elimination
the need for an additional tractor and
operator when pouring the produce
into large containers.



The tomato harvesting head uses a
depth control which operates effectively
heavy-duty turning disk with automatic
in any field conditions.



The herb harvester has changeable
heads for each crop, enabling high
quality picking and increasing capacity.

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